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“Complexity can be solved only through SIMPLICITY”

Universal Education was founded by the guiding spirit of our patriarch, Shri Sudhir Madhavji Lall, who laid the foundations of Universal in 1968 and built it from scratch into one of Mumbai’s largest and most reputed private educational institutions. He was a visionary of great ideals but retained a lifestyle of simplicity. He conducted himself with total dignity and impartiality. His values, vision, and goals were simple- to lead by love, by trust, and by example. During his professional career, Shri Lall championed many causes, but none so fiercely as educational reforms. Unfortunately, he left for heavenly abode on the 1st September 2002. His son Chairman of the Institute, Shri Jesus Lall has since then strengthened UE, transformed it and ensured its growth in keeping his father’s dreams.

At Universal Education, we deliver academic excellence built on 5 cornerstones of educational excellence:

  • Intellectually demanding assignments that combines academic rigor with practical relevance.
  • Robust learning facilities that are exciting, flexible, healthy, secure and sustainable.
  • Engaging technology-rich content delivered interactively to make learning come alive.
  • Efficient administration that delivers smart solutions for student satisfaction and success.
  • Emphasis on wholesome growth through creativity, values, fitness, cultural literacy and life/career skills.

Vidya Vikas Universal College of Arts, Science, Commerce, B.M.M. & B.M.S. & Vidya Vikas Junior College of Science and Commerce is located in Chincholi Bunder Road, Malad (West), Mumbai 400064 is an integral part of Universal Education which is recognized as Linguistic (Gujarati) Minority Institution.

At Vidya Vikas Universal College of Arts, Science, Commerce, B.M.M. & B.M.S., every effort is synergized towards exploring all hidden skills and abilities of students that transform their persona. We, at V.V.U.C., offer our students a comprehensive and interactive learning experience enabling our students to understand all minute aspects of subject. Along with academic excellence, we continuously strive for the overall development of our students by providing vistas for soft skills development, vocational training, industry exposure, placement assistance and a platform to explore all kinds of visual as well as performing arts.

Express yourself at Vidya Vikas Universal College. Three years to try new ideas and explore the subjects and pursuits you feel passionate about. An opportunity to explore a professionally relevant curriculum designed to make you a work-ready graduate.

Looking at the needs of the competitive environment in the open market in the field of education the College now offers 3 years of undergraduate programs in B.Com. (Accounting & Auditing), Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S. with specialization in Marketing and Finance) and Bachelor of Arts in Multi-Media & Mass Communication (B.A.M.M.C.) with specialization in Advertising.

At Vidya Vikas Universal Junior College we offer the Science and Commerce Streams with Information Technology option and Bifocal Courses in Computer Science in our junior college. The academic and its related activities in the Junior College ensures that you receive the appropriate education to move up the educational scale. The years spent in the college will help you adapt to a changing educational environment and aid you in your pursuit of greater knowledge. In terms of specifics, selecting Commerce or Science will allow you to specialize in a particular stream during your graduation years.


Chincholi Bunder Road,
Malad (West) Mumbai-400064.

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