Workshop & Seminar

Workshops & Seminars

Student orientation programme plays an important role in a student’s transition to a university life. Orientation programmes are aimed at familiarizing the students to an unknown campus environment, its faculties and infrastructure. It enables them to make essential connection with studies and develop network among other peers. “Where will be my classroom? What will be my majors, what is the course structure?” Umpteen numbers of questions loom in the minds of students, when they start their college life. In the beginning of the first year, students need to be made acquainted to their surroundings in the campus. This includes introductory sessions, giving them an overview of the university life; the rules and regulations mandated for each student in a particular college/ faculty. It is an essential period at the beginning of the college session, which allows the students to get settled in their new environment.

Teacher coordinator of every stream sets a model of introductory orientation programme that includes academic as well as social activities. Student Orientation is a warm-up session for students before they are ready to hit the ground for their final performance, for a successful career. This is exactly what we do at VVUC.

Women Development Cell

The functions of this cell are to purely safeguard the rights of female students, faculty & staff members and to provide a platform where their grievances can be heard.

Professor and Advocate Ms. Jyoti Bamane conducted a seminar on safeguarding women rights and made the girls aware of the basic women rights in this patriarchal society.

Motivational Lecture

A motivational lecture delivered by Mr. Alwin Francis Chettiar, Cultural Head of DAV College, Bhandup. The lecture aimed at inspiring the B.M.S students with regards to working with perseverance & achieving goals in the competitive world.

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