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The Workshops & Seminar Committee of our college is well committed to organise the relevant seminars and workshops for the students of various streams & courses, in order to impart ample of knowledge to them.
Here we believe that learning is an ongoing process that requires continuous engagement and exploration. Our committee is dedicated to organizing academic workshops and seminars that provide our students with a platform to explore their interests and enhance their skills and knowledge.

We offer a diverse range of workshops and seminars that cover a wide range of subjects from science and technology to business and finance, arts and culture, and much more, which are conducted by the experts of the industry or high profiles executives & delegates from the corporates.

Our workshops are designed to provide hands-on experience and practical learning, while our seminars offer an opportunity for students to interact with experts in their fields and gain valuable insights and perspectives.
Our committee is committed to creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and innovation. We believe that by providing our students with opportunities to learn and explore, we can help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their academic and professional careers.

We also collaborate with other academic institutions and organizations to bring in the best and brightest minds to our workshops and seminars. Our events are attended by students, faculty members, industry experts, and researchers from across the country, providing our students with a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

So, come join us at the Academic Workshop & Seminar Committee and be a part of a vibrant and dynamic community of learners who are dedicated to exploring and expanding their horizons.

Glimpses of some of the activities conducted: –

  • Session on MBA & Post graduation Entrance Exams
  • Session on Career Guidance
  • Session on Banking Exams
  • Session on Career in Aviation Industry
  • Session on Career in Animation & Graphic industry
  • Session on Personality Development
  • Session on various careers after BCOM & BMS
  • Session by the Experts of the Training partner IBM
  • Session by the Experts of the Training partner TCS

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