VVUC-Jr-020Lecture notes for F.Y.J.C. & S.Y.J.C.

F.Y.J.C. being the entry year, students often get demented while studying and preparing complied notes for theory subjects. Understanding this, we have designed Lecture notes for Organisation of Commerce and Management, Economics, Secretarial Practise and Biology which are provided to the students at no additional cost. We also provide lecture notes for S.Y.J.C., namely Organisation of Commerce and Management & Economics.

Test Series for S.Y.J.C.

S.Y.J.C. is a crucial year in the life of a student. In this year the students appear for board exams, which gives them an opportunity to compete with lakhs of students who appear from the entire state of Maharashtra.
We have designed a curriculum for S.Y.J.C. in such a way that our students get enough writing practise throughout the year in a Board Exam simulated environment. This is done with the help of our self-designed test series which initially starts with monthly tests covering 2 to 3 chapters per subject, followed by Terminals and Prelims. Continuous writing practise help the students find their own mistakes, rectify the same and score better marks during the board exams. Assessment of these papers is on par with the board marking scheme.

Problem sheets for F.Y.J.C. and S.Y.J.C.

Our teachers have articulately designed problem sheets for practical subjects covering each aspect of the allotted sheet and the same are issued at no additional cost to the students. This helps in saving good amount of time inside the classroom which otherwise would have been squandered in dictating the problems. This also enables the faculty to have head to head discussion with student.

Moderators / Expert Lectures

Knowledge builds on knowledge and who better to build upon knowledge than the connoisseurs of the subjects. While visits and academia are important aspects of knowledge building, there is one realm where students can learn a lot from: Moderator / Expert Lectures. †These enriching lectures organized by our college provide a platform for students to clear their doubts, get answer to their innumerable questions, and even put forth their views on matters relevant to their studies. These lectures boost the confidence of our students for appearing in their H.S.C. Board exams.