Visit to Engineering college

Our science students were taken for a visit to Engineering college which gave them an idea towards choosing their career paths & future prospects in science stream. They were introduced to various specialisations in the field of Engineering, viz. Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile, Bio-medical, Electronics, Telecommunications, Instrumentation, Civil, Information Technology, Computer Science and Aeronautics. They were made to walk through various laboratories and workshop to help them get a hands-on experience of realistic situations experienced by Engineering students.


We are glad to inform that college is conducting many orientation Programme. The programme are aimed to provide assistance and guidance to the students who are aspiring to appear for the entrance exam CA-CPT/CS/JEE/ISEET/(MT-CET),NEET after their 12th. the college is arranging seminar and workshop by professionals in the concerned streams . the students can clear any of their quries regarding the entrance

Visit to Nehru Science Centre

Our science students visited to Nehru Science Centre wherein, they participated in Inter-school science quiz competition and viewed the water for life exhibition which gave them opportunity to apply scientific methods to conduct independent research, implement scientific lesson, which facilitate the development of creativity.

Academic Meet

Besides dissemination of knowledge, we focus on creation of knowledge as well. The college organizes academic meets for teachers every month to revamp education style, emphasize on content knowledge, use of technologies in teaching. The college organized different workshops and seminar  for teachers .

Study Beyond Books

Science has always and will continue to startle us with what it discovers and fosters; then it has also astounded us by devising new methods .
And for the extra inquisitive and outlandish student of our college, there is a way to learn more about it. In order to make our budding scientists all the more agog and enquiring, an initiative. Study beyond books has been undertaken. Students of our college along with our unrivalled teachers viewed the movie. Interstellar and perceived the theory at pre as well as post movie session. Few of the many best things of the film. Interstellar is the crazy science permeating the movie’s plot. Wormholes, gravitational forces, relativity, and warped space-time are just a few of the scientific phenomena that play important roles in the astronauts deep space journey.
The Journey to study beyond books has just commenced

International Yoga Day

21st June 2015: Sunday marks the first Annual International Yoga Day, part of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push to promote the ancient Indian discipline. The ancient practice of yoga offers a multitude of benefits to modern-day students at almost every grade level. Yoga’s combination of breath and movement can help alleviate social and academic stress, clear the mind and soothe cramped bodies jammed into desks and hunched over computers. One of yoga’s primary benefits for adults is the alleviation of stress. Students may be young, but they aren’t immune to stress. Family pressure, financial fears, academic performance standards and peer groups can all take a toll on a student’s psyche and success in College.