Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Graduates in Commerce will comfortably be able to plot a career path in the world of business. Success in your choice of career will depend on how you use this degree as a bridge to study further, and gain post-graduate qualifications. This program covers varied subjects during the 3 years which provides an excellent foundation of the commercial world to the students.


Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)

This course is designed to provide students with a firm grounding in communication skills. Enhancement of creativity and critical thinking form the backbone of this programme. Students are encouraged to combine theory with practical applications using detailed research, lucid writing skills, oral presentations and various media tools. In the 5th Semester, a well-structured curriculum provides more insights in the field of Advertising as a specialization enabling the media gems to optimize their creative skills.


Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

BMS provides basic understanding of Management education. This course exposes students to practical aspects like project work, group studies, case studies and presentations. The curriculum is designed to inculcate academic expertise among the students in their chosen area among Marketing and Finance, pursues a full-fledged degree in the same area. At the end of three years, a student graduates with additional skills such as Communciations skills, Public relationship skills, Leadership skills, Team work, Team building, Research skills and Presentation skills.