VVUC-Dg-014Guest Lecture on Literature

Dramaturgy is an integral part of students’ curriculum in B.M.M. With a view to provide useful insights on Theatre and Performing Arts to students, the department of Mass Media organized an Expert Lecture in Literature. Mr. Mangesh Salvi, an eminent drama actor, classical singer, technician cum engineer was invited to speak. The lecture drove home the indispensable role played by ‘thought’.

Opportunity to our students at Mumbai International Film Fest (MIFF)

Among the few B.M.M. colleges in Mumbai who were the part of MIFF 2016 ,our very own B.M.M. students were the active members who took up the show as Comperes and Volunteers for various multi-language documentaries and short films displayed in the fest .

Guest Lecture on working of an Ad Agency

The lecture was delivered by Ms. Munira Choonia, Marketing Manager at HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd. This lecture was on “Working of an Ad Agency”. In her lecture, she explained various components of Advertising and different factors that are important for making advertisements. The complex working of an Ad agency and various parameters which are considered while making advertisements were dealt in a collaborate and apt format.

Visit to Saam TV channel & Sakal Newspaper

The department of Mass Media organized a one day Industrial Visit to Saam TV Channel and Sakal Newspaper located at Belapur. The students were given an opportunity to have an ‘open talk’ with the Chief Editor.

Off the reel

A Mass Media Workshop and Competition

It is not often that Mass Media aspirants from in and around Mumbai get to spend an entire day in the company of T.V. Producers and Directors from the big names in Indian T.V. channels. During ‘Off The Reel’ event, we had many dignitaries in our college like Mr. Sandeep Kamalsanan, a renowned name in Advertisement and Film Industry and National Award Winner for editing works in JAL movie; Mr. Hitesh Gadia who has many years of experience in T.V. soaps and film making; Mr.Nitin Sadwalkar renowned editor and Mr. Rajendra Prasad, Cinematographer.
Different colleges of Mumbai University which participated, to name a few Mithibhai College, St. Clara’s College, Thakur College, Saraf College, Lords Universal College, our very own Vidya Vikas College and many more. Students participated in good numbers and the flawless quality raised the bar!!

Guest Lecture on Human Rights & Fundamental Rights and its implementation

Mass Media plays a vital and crucial role in educating the masses about their rights and duties towards the society. It was felt that practical guidance and examples of real life will help to understand the subject Political Concepts and Indian Political Systems in a better manner. Advocate Akshya Desai, an eminent advocate in the field of Human Rights, closely associated with MAGLIS (NGO) was invited for the Guest Lecture. She explained various Fundamental Rights incorporated in Indian Constitution as well as  explained about various social legislations.