VVUC-Dg-017Visit to Reserve Bank of India

“The ascent of money has been essential to the ascent of man.” – Niall Ferguson.

Preaching of the above quote beguiled students of our college to visit the monetary museum. This helped our students to know the story of evolution of money i.e. from the old age system of barter to the modern day innovations in money.

Nature Trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park

“Look deep into the nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Nature has always been an enigma and a paradox for the human beings. To quench the thirst of knowledge the college had organised a Nature Trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East. The activity started with trail which included description about various kinds of trees, grasses, birds, flora & fuana and various insects.

Guest lecture on Business communication

Mr. Unmesh Divan, a successful entrepreneur and distinguished software designer, was invited as the lecturer. The session was interactive and wisdom packed. Students were exposed to a detailed explanation of the various components involved in a business process and an illustration of how communication becomes an inevitably important element when a business grows.

Guest lecture on Management Functions

Guest Lecture was arranged for Management Functions and challenges and with special reference of Information Technology in Management Functions and its practical aspects.

Guest Lecture on Environmental Studies

The lecture was delivered by Ms. Priti Kubal, Senior Research Fellow, Aquatic Radio-ecology Division, Central Institute of Fisheries Education. She explained various components of environment, especially the biotic component, emerging issues of environmental degradation, human role in degradation like deforestation, different causes of environmental pollution & industrial hazards, and how measures can be taken for applying a full stop to these concern.

World Wetland Day

“Without water there will be no wetlands – and without wetlands there will be no water!”

Wetlands for our Future: Sustainable Livelihoods was the theme for World Wetlands Day in 2016. This theme was selected to demonstrate the vital role of wetlands for the future of humanity and specifically their relevance towards achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals. Students designed posters on this concept and made a genuine attempt to spread the awareness.

Guest Lecture on Banking Reforms & SEBI

The department of economics organized an expert lecture on business aspects and its application. The main objective was to get the students familiar with the topics of Indian economy. Mrs Devyani Gokhale, a successful professional with 20 years of experience in retail banking, operations and customer services and currently working as Vice President of Axis Bank was invited for the session. Various real life illustrations were given to students with regard to every day banking transactions.